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Persian Wedding Customs

Q & A: Is The Sofreh Aghd A Religious Ceremony?

I still remember being an American bride in a Persian Wedding and wondering what all these different terms meant that I heard my husband's Iranian family saying. This word "Aghd" was used frequently. Aghd in Farsi means contract. In the wedding context it is referring to the Wedding contract. The Sofreh Aghd is translated into The "Contract Tablecloth." Which is really funny when literally translated!  Its actual contextual meaning is The Wedding Table where the wedding contract ceremony takes place. Is this a religious ceremony? Is this an Islamic ceremony? Read below to find out more.
Q & A: Is The Sofreh Aghd A Religious Ceremony?

by Christen Behzadi

2 years ago

Many people wish to omit Islamic elements from The Ceremony at The Sofreh Aghd. I get asked this question a few times a year every year. I just received a very energized email from someone wanting to do this exact thing and requesting assistance to blossom their wedding celebration into a purely Persian celebration. 

I explained to this couple what I tell everyone which is that the ceremony at The Sofreh Aghd  is not a religious ceremony or a Muslim Ceremony. The historical context of the Persian Wedding ceremony at the Sofreh Aghd actually is religious - Zoroastrian religion that is. But the Zoroastrian religious elements have become cultural Persian/Iranian celebrations with their own cultural non-religious meaning. Zoroastrian celebrations became famous in Iran under the Persian dynasty, including their unique wedding celebration. The full story , historical context , meaning and the entire Persian Wedding ceremony vows/script can be purchased as a digital guide here

Of course, this is not to say religious elements should be completely omitted. You can add any religious elements you would like to the ceremony. I show you exactly where to add them into your Persian Wedding ceremony in the digital guide Persian Wedding Ceremony Vows/ Script At The Sofreh Aghd. 

I should also clarify from the beginning that every event I will discuss on my website and in my guides from start to finish is cultural. I will show you where religious elements are added if they are desired by the couple. For those who wish to celebrate a purely Persian celebration. Just follow my guides or read my book- The Persian Wedding Book-  its all there, just Persian history , culture and customs minus religious elements.  


Until our Next Cultural Adventure. 

Most Sincerely, 



This is a bite sized excerpt from The Persian Wedding Book. Everything you will ever want to know about the Persian Wedding is in my book. Copyright protected and registered with U.S. copyright office. 


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